Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cloverfield -- Grips you to your seats

Submitted By -- Hitesh Rawat

Clover field presents a monster attack on NY city through the point of view of a small group of friends. The best thing about the movie is its grip on the viewers. The movie has the thrills and excitement scattered in the whole movie.

I really like the way they shot the movie, showing through the camcorder. It may irritates some of the viewers because of frequent changes in position rather than still and stable camera position.

The performance part in the movie is also credible with everybody chipping in and justifying the characters and leaving the play. I also liked that how these people have made this movie so realistic through all computer works, graphics and camera angels that i even felt for a second that the movie is like cam shot and very realistic.

I would recommend this movie to all the readers.
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