Friday, January 18, 2008

The Kingdom -- Worthy Of Your Money

I saw this movie this weekend. I heard about the movie was related to the roots of terror in the gulf countries. This lifted the expectations cause i have seen a few movies which didn't dealt with the issue as good as i expected.

This movie is not much disappointing. But there should be some other way to talk out of these conditions. I never felt violence is the best way out because it only kills the person not the evil.

This movie is about the a man Abu Hazmi spreading terror by using Islam(read as religion) as a weapon against the government and non Islamic people in the gulf. A group of four people lead by Jamie Foxx comes to gulf with the desire to bust all these activities and also Abu Hazmi. How he does is all the movie about.

I liked Jamie Foxx in the movie very much especially when he walking around in the gulf with that funny cap on. He was looking so funny.

There also one more thing to talk about the movie -- its climax . Climax is like the best part of the movie when Jamie Foxx and a little girl in gulf says the same phrase. I think it is one of the best climaxes i have seen.

This is movie is certainly worth buying a ticket or DVD.

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