Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Inside Man -- Well Weaved Heist Movie

Inside Man

The movie is packed with solid performances from Denzel Washington, Clive owen, Jodie Foster and Chiwetel Ojiofor.Movie have some really exciting twists and turns. The grip of movie is so good that you won't even leave the theater for the intermission or bathroom break.

I am a big fan of Mr. Denzel Washington and have seen some of his brilliant performances and this one in the movie "Inside Man" is also one of them. He always manages to impress me.

I haven't seen much of Jodie Foster but can surely say that this movie doesn't absorb her talent or can say not properly used. But i liked that she did good job in that not so appropriate length of character.

Clive Owen either is one of the star performer of this movie about whom i haven't heard much but with this performance i can tell that i'm not forgetting him for long time.

I have seen some of the movie related to this "bank robbery" genre but this is one of the unique one and can be casted as also the best of them.Telling about the plot without disclosing it is not possible.

So i would like you people to watch this movie and i can assure you that this is one movie you'll surely like.

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