Saturday, January 5, 2008

Gammon Fortune -- Starting Online Backgammon

Gammon-Fortune provides you the online version of back gammon. Back gammon is one of the most popular cards game with loads of excitment and calculations. This game always facinated me but never was able to do good. But here ,you can play online backgammon with two different mode of real money or fun money so you can practice with the fun money and can also invest real money later

Gammon-Fortune gives you the oppertunity to play backgammon tournaments where you have the oppertunity to win a large amount of money as the prize, more the participants more the prize money.

To participate, you can simply go to Gammon-Fortune and download the backgammon online software and then register to . Then you can choose the mode of money as fun money or real cash.

The Gammon-Fortune is very user friendly site with really simple design. The site is also available in six different languages.
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