Monday, January 21, 2008

Bourne Series – Get it, ASAP

I love this series. This is certainly the one I would like all the people to watch. People should buy this series. The movie is all about the secret agent called Jason Bourne, which wasn’t his real name. Jason gets shot and falls into the sea and looses his memory and don’t remember who he was.

Matt damon is brilliant in the movie. One of the most gripping factor about the movie is the pace, the speed, of the movie, the events which occur in the movie that never let loose. The action in the movie is also its USP.

The series starts with Bourne Identity. This part is about Jason bourne searching his identity who he was. The movie comes up with some twists as when Jason get to know that he was working for U.S.A’s secret agency where he was trained to kill people for the secret agency. Why those people want to kill him? All the interesting questions made the movie more and more interesting.

Then Bourne Supremacy followed as the sequel to the previous movie. In this movie, the Russians try to entangle Bourne in a killing of USA’s secret agent. They also kill Bourne’s girl friend in India where they where living hiding from the world as all thought they were dead. How Jason takes the revenge and he breaks the shackles of the mystery.

And Bourne Ultimatum is the best of the series. Fast and thrilling action is also the USP of this movie too like all the other parts of the series. I also like the chasing sequences of the movie. Till now I thought that only bond movie has the best chasing sequences but now I can easily say that Bourne is also there at the top of the list with Mr. Bond.

I heard many people saying that Jason Bourne is like a answer to UK’s James Bond but I don’t think there is any comparison between two of the best characters in the industry.

There was a survey which I saw on the newspaper where they said that Matt daemon is the most bankable star of Hollywood and I think Bourne series is a very good example of this fact.
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