Monday, January 21, 2008

American Pie Presents Beta House --- Worst of the series

Well this movie doesn’t fall into the category of American pie 1 or American pie 2. I was really disappointed with this movie. The earlier movies of this series like the first one and the second and naked mile , although they also had skin show but it has the clear message of love over lust. But this movie is all about sex, sex, sex and sex.

It has lots of b**bs show and comedy that kind of bores you after sometime. There was nothing good about the movie. The same old comedy which may be practical but seriously where do they find such stupid situations.

I would like to suggest these people to try to fall back a bit and watch their first work of the series. I would not suggest readers to go for this movie or buy a DVD. There are some other teen age sex comedies better than this one.
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