Monday, December 24, 2007

No Smoking -- Sorry Didn't Get Your Point

No Smoking

Well this is the first movie by Anurag Kashyap which really i didn't get. Ok this movie was to tell people that smoking is the something cool and is injurious to health but i think this is a really complicated movie to make people understand the motive of the movie.

Many of my friends also said that they didn’t get anything about the movie cause at the same time the movie is a bit confusing too. I heard or read, don't really remember, that Anurag kashyap said that this a non smoker wouldn't be able to get this movie. Well, i think this may be a valid reason cause i am a non smoker and i didn't get the movie.

What i think is shown in the movie is a guy (John Abrahim) wants to leave smoking but he didn't like the line of treatment of the Bengali Baba(Paresh Rawal). But as Baba Bengali makes him to sign a contract(weird contract) and now John can't smoke and of he does something bad will happen to his family(mother, a brother suffering from asthma and wife Aayesha Takia).
Then there starts some really confusing incidents. one time i felt this Baba Bengali is some kind of conjurer doing some black magic but presenting black magic for treatment, i don't think this can be the idea behind the movie.

Ultimately, the Baba Bengali was successful to throw out the cigarette smoker out of John and the new John is a non smoker.

I can't dicide that is this was the really movie about what i understood or is there something else???

But i would certainly tell people around me to go and watch the movie and please explain me what they get from the movie.

The music of the movie is good. My favorite was item song starring Jesse Randhawa sung by Adnan Sami.

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