Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chak de India -- Blown out of proportion

Chak de India

I saw this movie expecting that Indian film industry is moving towards
the "real life" characters movies like Hollywood's - remember the
titans,gridiron gang , coach carter etc.

I thought if not equivalent to these movies ,this would be some what
close to it. But my expectation was not fulfilled when i saw this

The movie gives a total Indian movie feel where you'll find typical
drama that you have seen in many films. I have never liked SRK and this
movie proves it why?. You can easily put this movie in the category of
"Main Hoo Naa" where you see a movie which was nothing but providing
moviegoers a simple time pass with some comedy and songs.

There only few instances where i liked the movie but on the whole is
was not what i was expecting.

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