Thursday, October 7, 2010


Tramadol is one of those medicines which aren't available legally in US with out prescription. However, if you are one of the regular users of Tramadol and know how to and when to use it then there is a way of by passing the "getting a prescription" process and Buying Tramadol Online which doesn't need a prescription. This would be helpful to people who doesn't want to visit and pay a doctor just to renew their prescription of Tramadol.

This procedure is not at all illegal. You can order medicines online from countries where the medicine is available with any prescription or also called as No Prescription Tramadol . They deliver it to your door step and by this way you can save a lot of money as the Tramadol is cheaper in these countries than US.

Other than that, to order the drug you have to provide a detailed description of the person who'll be using it and what conditions he/she is? Then the in house physician looks into the details to assess and then approves or disapproves the order.

However, please, get all the information about the do's and do not's of this drug before buying it. You should not Buy Tramadol Cod if  you don't use it. Check the web portal linked for detailed information.
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